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The school was named for former Alabama congressman Robert E. “Bob” Jones (Originally the school was to be named for James Record, the former Alabama State Senator and Madison County Commission Chairman who suggested Jones for the honor instead.) The current principal is Sylvia Lambert, and the school is in Region 4 of class 7A in the AHSAA. As of 2016, Bob Jones has a current enrollment of about 1316 students in grades 9-12. Bob Jones High School opened in 1974 at 1304 Hughes Road as a part of the Madison County School system. It remained a part of this system until 1998, when the Madison City Schools system was created. BJHS moved to a newly-constructed building at 650 Hughes Road in 1996, leaving the previous building for Discovery Middle School.

The main phone number is (256) 772-2547.  The “Patriots” wear Red, White, and Blue.

“Preparing today for the challenges of tomorrow.”

Mission Statement
The mission of Bob Jones High School is to prepare productive citizens who think critically, communicate effectively, and use technology confidently and intelligently in order to facilitate life-long learning.


  • Bob Jones High School is ranked #292 out of approximately 43,000 High Schools in America
  • Bob Jones High School is #183 overall among Public/Open Enrollment Schools.
    • Many on this list are charter/magnet/enrollment by lottery/enrollment by application only schools.
  • Bob Jones High School is one of only 3 schools in Alabama to be on the (all 3) NEWSWEEK/US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT/WASHINGTON POST list…Mountain Brook and Homewood are the other 2.
  • Bob Jones High School is ranked #4 in the State overall.
    • This includes charter/magnet schools
  • Bob Jones High School is ranked #2 in the State among Public/Open enrollment schools.
  • Bob Jones High School is ranked #28 overall in the Southeast.
  • Bob Jones High School is ranked #7 in the Southeast among Public/Open enrollment schools.